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Snakes! Get ’em Gone!

29 Sep , 2016,

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FACT 1: 99% of all snakes won’t hurt you, and even the venomous ones just want to be left alone.

That’s just true. However…

FACT 2: I don’t care.

The hallmark of a phobia is that it’s an UNREASONABLE fear.  I have that.  About snakes.  Like the garter snakes in the video below, they creep me out.  Mentally, I know I could pick one up, let it slither (EW!) over my face and down my pants, and I’d be fine.  But I. Don’t. Care.

If I had to get rid of one, it’d be a flame thrower or a machine gun – nothing less would do.  Fortuantely, there are people you can call for that.

If you need snake removal near Overland Park, there are a number of good local companies that’ll do it, but I like the guys in this video,  If you’re in Overland Park, look ’em up.

Snazzy video, too!

Pardon Our Dust

26 Sep , 2015,
one comments has returned after a brief hiatus. serves the greater internet community by farming the digital landscape for rare finds, and inculcating and nourishing them here upon these pages. first began showing farm and ranch properties for sale on the Internet in early 1995. Since then, millions of dollars worth of transactions have taken place due to exposure on this site.

We are now focused less on real estate and more on digital real estate, but our overall aims are still the same.  In some sense, we’re like a cross between the farmlands of Kansas City and a modern SEO Agency.

Afterall, the Internet and Farming have a lot in common these days, and more and more every year.